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HydroFlow Stage 1 & 2 DPF-C Cleaning Solution


HydroFlow Stage 1 & 2 DPF-C Cleaning Solution, is to be used with the HydroFlow DPF-C Machine. 

Stage 1 - DPF Power Cleaner 


1: Remove DPF from vehicle 

2: Bung DPF Exhaust Outlet 

3: Fill DPF with Power Cleaner 

4: Let stand for 30mins 

5: Remove bung and drain cleaner 

6: Connect DPF to HydroFlow DPF-C machine via exhaust intake 

7: Run HydroFlow DPF-C process. 

8: Rinse DPF thoroughly 

9: For continued protection treat dry DPF with Power Protect Stage 2. 

DPF Power Protect Stage 2 - Provides a fresh coating of active catalyst which will help oxidise new soot, protecting the DPF against future blockage problems. 


1: Ensure the DPF is thoroughly dry before application. 

2:Slowly Pour the DPF Power Protect Stage 2 fluid into the DPF inlet 

3: Rotate DPF to ensure even coverage of protector. Drain off any excess. 

4: The protect fluid will be absorbed by the DPF 

5: Replace the DPF on the vehicle.  



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