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HydroFlow DPF-CL - Heavy Duty DPF & Catalytic Converter Cleaner


The newest addition to our HydroFlow range of products, this item is a heavy duty DPF and Catalytic Converter cleaning machine. While fully capable of more standard DPF and Catalytic converter cleaning, this heavy duty specialist machine can clean Euro 6 DPFS, making it the perfect machine for commercial, truck, agricultural and fleet cleans. It also includes a pressure gauge, so you can demonstrate the clean's success with before and after flow readings.

A blocked Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) can be expensive to replace but with the DPF-C XL machine they can be cleaned, the machine can remove upto 100% of the soot, carbon and ash build up. The machine is very mobile so the machine can be used anywhere, within a matter of hours the DPF or Catalytic Converter can be cleaned.

The benefits of this machine :

  • The DPF-C machine can remove up to 100% of ash / soot in a Diesel Particulate Filter ( DPF ).

  • Easy to use with a simple control panel, settings are stored so one time entry is needed.

  • The DPF-C comes with all accessories so all DPF's can be cleaned.

  • The DPF-C is great value for money.

  • The design is compact and mobile, so great for confined / limited spaces. (1250W x 600L x 1120H)

Finance available. For more information please enquire via this product page.