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Porsche 911 991.2 Carrera Valvetronic Turbo Back Exhaust

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The item listed is a full turbo back exhaust system built around the distinct and effective X-Pipe look, designed for the Carrera (Turbo) 911 991.2 3.0L, 2015 onwards. The tailpipes are two sleek, carbon finish tips and look very stylish on the vehicle. The cats are sports cats- 300 cell, high flow variants that are also Euro 4 rated. The exhaust includes the 6 pipe clamps and two barrel clamps needed to fit it. This is a full aftermarket, performance system that adds power gains as well as significantly reducing weight. The system is specially designed only for the 991.2 and has an aggressive sports sound with the valves open that is truly remarkable, while also able to be switched into a quieter, more neighbor-friendly mode by closing the valves with the provided key fob. This is a fully valved exhaust, with an easy wireless remote key fob to open and close the valves.

As a full aftermarket turbo back system from Top Gear, the exhaust is a direct fit replacement.

We do not yet have high quality video and sound clips for this system but we are prepared to offer partial refunds of £50 for anyone kind enough to provide us with either a car to fit this system to in any of our nationwide depots or who will send such video or sound clips after purchase.

Exhaust Specification

Make Porsche
Model 911 (991)
Variant Carrera,Carrera S
Year 2015,2016,2017
Engine Size 3.0

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