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63MM (2.5 Inch) Exhaust Vacuum Valve (Closed) & Actuator


This is a 63MM (2.5 Inch) valve with actuator to be welded in as part of a custom or jig-built exhaust in order to provide a switchable sound solution for the end customer. The valves are high quality German imports and in our varied experience attempting to source quality valves for several years now, these are the finest on the market. The valves are closed by default so in most circumstances you will want to pair the purchase of a valve with an R1 or R2 kit. This allows the valve to be operated completely by the key fob at the press of a button, to open the valves or close them again. 

For a single valve, use an R1 kit. For two valves (i.e. for a duplex system), use a R2 kit. Both the R1 and R2 kits consist of key fob controlled switches to control the valves, the wiring and the control box to receive the signal. When fitting this valve you may wish to refer to this diagram which will get you started- Link

These are the same valves/kits that we use in our popular valved exhaust range for Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche 911, among others. The following videos showcase the different sound levels using our GoPro runs on an Audi R8 V8 and Porsche 987.1 respectively. 

A visual demonstration of the use of the key fobs is also at your disposal-