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Porsche 911 991.1 Carrera Silencer Secondary Bypass Pipes

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A silencer bypass designed to bypass secondary silencers (mufflers) on the 911 991, this simple replacement part fits perfectly to 3.8SL Carrera 991 and dramatically increases the sound of the system to an aggressive sports note while also providing significant weight reduction. These simple U/J pipes remove the mufflers that are tucked up in the rear quarter panels. Keeping the same diameter for a perfect OEM replacement, these pipes are straight through which not only eliminates any muffler packing or baffling, but also the weight. Because this part still retained the factory headers with cats and the factory center muffler, it added a slightly deeper tone to the exhaust but not a drastic droning change that a full exhaust could. Upon revving the car out stationary, you could hear the tone change nicely as you past the 4000rpm mark. We are seeking customer video to showcase this part and we are willing to reimburse £25 for this effort via a partial refund or Paypal transfer.

Exhaust Specification

Make Porsche
Model 911 (991)
Variant Carrera S
Year 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,
Chassis Type Coupe
Engine Size 3.8,

Trade Parts

Configuration Silencer Bypass

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