Topgear, Bridport has invested in a 4 Wheel Supertracker Alignment system for its Gore Cross premises.


Supertracker is the leading wheel alignment equipment manufacturer in the UK. It is estimated that 90% of all vehicles have a wheel alignment problem, which can cause many issues including excessive tyre wear.  


Alexander Kilcoyne, director, said: “A slight bump into the kerb or driving over a speed bump or pothole can affect the alignment of your car’s wheels. If checks and adjustments are not made to correct this your vehicle could pull to one side creating tyre damage.


Regular wheel alignment checks mean that your tyres will wear more evenly. Other benefits of wheel alignment include better fuel economy and improved vehicle handling - this is really important on a long journey as, otherwise, it can lead to driver fatigue.”


The Supertracker Wheel Aligner is the preferred choice of alignment equipment by a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, including Renault, BMW, Peugeot, Ford, Land Rover, Vauxhall and Mini.

To book your vehicle in for a Supertracker Wheel Alignment please call: 01308 427588.

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