Topgear Ltd has launched a complete engine clean for vehicles with its HydroFlow treatment. Hydroflow uses just water, unlike other engine cleans that rely on chemicals.

HydroFlow's chemical free cleaning process is proven to help reduce emissions and smoke for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles. It drastically reduces carbon deposits and costs only £100 to revitalise your exhaust and engine.

All vehicles, particularly diesel and high mileage ones,  can suffer from carbon build-up. Signs of carbon build-up include a smoky exhaust, lumpy idle, flat spots, reduced throttle response, reduced miles per gallon (MPG) and increased emissions (often it can be the difference between an MOT pass and fail.)

The dirtier a vehicle is, the greater the effect a carbon clean can have in restoring the vehicle's lost performance and efficiency.

To book your vehicle in for a HydroFlow treatment or for more information please call Topgear Bridport on: 01308 427588.



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