Topgear Ltd’s range of tyres for winter and 4x4s is continually expanding.

The searchable database of almost all makes and models of vehicle at allows car-owners to simply enter their registration number and wheel size. The results indicate the best tyres for their vehicle. Additionally, the standard tyre code format can be also inputted to search from the thousands of tyres available.

Alex Kilcoyne, director, said: “Weather and road conditions can change quite abruptly in winter. Icy roads challenge tyres, but a set of winter tyres for your vehicle can really help. They reduce stopping distances in snow and ice, but also in wet weather below 7 ­degrees celsius, and can help to avoid skidding. They are made from a softer compound than other tyres and have a different tread pattern, with fine grooves or “sipes” cut into each tread block that bite into the snow better.”

For 4x4 drivers, it is recommended that all four tyres are the same (same brand, tread pattern, load pattern and speed rating). It is important to consider the vehicle’s main usage from the following categories as this informs your tyre choice:

4x4 road tyre: for 4x4 saloon cars

  • Road tyres are designed specifically for the urban environment and handle these driving conditions. They won’t respond well to muddy surfaces, due to the shallower tread.

Mixed tyre: for SUV-style 4x4 vehicles

  • These tyres are a good compromise between off-road and on-road.

"Off-road" all-terrain tyre: for off-road and hill-climbing use

  • The difference between these tyres and the others is that they function in harder conditions, such as mud, fields, steep hills etc.

Topgear Ltd offers next day delivery on its featured tyres and 48 hour delivery on all of its listed tyres. For additional advice on tyres please call Topgear Ltd on: 01308 427588.

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