Topgear Tuning has announced that it now offers remapping of fleet vehicles.

'The Original Stig' and ex-racing driver Perry McCarthy, of Topgear Tuning said: "Topgear Tuning is a leader within the ECU remapping industry and by careful reprogramming of your vehicle fleet our qualified technicians can deliver fuel savings to your business of up to 15%.

We estimate that, for example, a medium-sized logistics group which run 200 HGVs cover a combined 14,000,000 road miles each year. Their current fuel cost is £8.75 million pounds per annum. After our negotiated contract costs are applied, we could jointly target fuel savings of up to £1.3 million per year. If a group normally operates their vehicles over a period of 3 years, this could equate to total savings of just under £4 million pounds."

No matter what size fleet you run, choosing to remap with Topgear Tuning makes sound commercial sense and our contract fees pale into insignificance against the huge savings in fuel costs we can give you.”  

Topgear Tuning uses tailor-made ‘economy’ remap files to reprogram fleet and commercial vehicles, including HGVs, Lorries, Trucks and Vans.

To date, with files for over 6000 different engine types and variations, Topgear Tuning has successfully remapped over 20,000 vehicles.  

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