We recently had the pleasure in welcoming representatives from Huth Ben Pearson International LLC to the UK.

As official UK distributor of their Huth and Ben Pearson Bending machines and tooling, their visit included stops at a selection of our Custom Exhaust dealers across the UK, as well as a visit to Head Office here in Bridport, Dorset. They had the following to say as a review of their time in the UK:

Top Performance with TOP GEAR in the UK

We just returned from visiting our distributor in the UK, the venerable Top Gear Ltd. Top Gear has franchisees across the UK that specialize in custom performance exhaust. Building custom systems (or as they say, “bespoke systems”) out of 100% 304 stainless, their artisan fabricators make happy owners of Porsches, Mercedes, Mustangs, motorcycles, or motorhomes. You name it, they make it go with more fuel efficiency, more speed, and more fun for the driver!

I asked many of these experts how they designed their systems. Brett in Doncaster, England explained how he just starts from the front and works his way back underneath the car, caressing each bend, choosing each performance component along the way., And he added, “I’m damn good at it”. Tony from Leeds worked similarly- he had recently done an exhaust for his wife’s jet Black Beamer 7 series (business has been good). My-oh-my did that baby purr!

Peter from Cardiff (Wales) explained to me that the process was different for “petrol” (gasoline) cars vs. diesel. With diesel, you need to stay fairly close to the original tube diameters or you can actually lose mileage performance. With gas engines, there is more freedom. But of course it is hard to achieve the 70 mpg that some of the European diesel engines get!

Business was booming in all the shops we visited. The English are crazy about their customized 304 stainless steel exhausts from Top Gear.

Later, when our trip was ending and I was speaking with the airline agent who was checking my passport at Heathrow Airport (asking what I had been doing in the UK), he remarked that, in his single days, he had loved his Top Gear custom exhaust on his favorite car. I remarked that was probably what had attracted his wife to him. He smiled and said “Yes, actually,  I think it was.”

If you are interested in learning more about the range of Huth Ben Pearson Bending Machines and Tooling that we can supply, click here to see our current stock.

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