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Gasoline Conditioner


Engineered to improve overall driving performance especially for removing carbon deposits on the entire fuel system and prevents reforming of carbon deposits. This special formula is able to reduce fuel gelling, disperse gum and varnish, inhibit corrosion for better fuel economy and decrease polluted gas discharged for better environment. WILITA Gasoline Fuel Additive is a one step solution designed to add directly into the fuel tank.  

Product Features:

  • Improve fuel economy, restore engine horsepower and performance.
  • Lubricates fuel system ( fuel injectors & pump).
  • Reduces piston & piston ring friction.
  • Contains detergents that clean, prevent deposit build up on Intake Valves & Injectors.
  • Oxidation stability, prevent fuel from oxidation. 
  • Prevents rust and corrosion in the entire fuel system.
  • Safe for Turbochargers and Catalytic Converters.
  • Also ideal for recreational vehicles and small engines.
  • Does not contain alcohol substances. 
  • Reduce polluted gas discharged for better environmental protection. 
  • Remove carbon deposit on intake valves, injection valves, spark plugs in the combustion chamber and prevent from reforming.

Pour Wilita Gasoline Conditioner into the fuel tank while refilling.
One bottle of 300ml Gasoline Conditioner treats approximately 40-50 liters of fuel.
In most cases, drivability is restored in just one full tank of treated gasoline.
Dispose the empty bottle in accordance with all national and local regulations.

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