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Thor Electronic Exhaust System Single Speaker


The Thor Electronic Exhaust System
creates an amazing sports exhaust sound for any diesel, petrol and electric vehicle.

  • Compatibility - Suitable for all popular brands. Will easily install on any car.
  • Realistic sound - The most realistic sounds. Powerful V6 / V8 exhaust sounds.
  • Easy to install - Install times can take up to 2 hours if you are relatively car smart. ( We would recommend a professional install)
  • Easy to turn off - At the touch of a button the system will turn off.
  • Mobile App which allows you to control the sounds.
  • Flexible settings - Adjusts the volume and sound characteristics. Such as vehicle profiles, (Ford Mustang / Audi RS / Mercedes C63 / Mclaren) & Many more
  • Guarantee - The installation of the system does not affect the vehicle's factory warranty.
  • The system has no temperature limits for normal operation.

Rules to remember. 

  • For mounting, use the universal bracket provided in the kit. Mounting of the bracket can be carried out by means of welding.
  • The speaker system has to be installed on the bracket after all welding operations are completed.
  • Position the speaker system correctly during the installation (see the instructions).
  • PDF Instructions here.
  • Always use professional installation for this product.





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