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Custom Built Stainless Steel Exhaust From Powerflow

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Please note: The actual price of a Powerflow custom built exhaust for your car will vary depending on the exact nature or work you require for your exhaust. This listing is primarily a means to give exposure to our dealers. The product itself, if you purchase it here on our website, will give you a voucher as a downloadable product for £360 that you will be able to use at any of our outlets towards the cost of exhaust work performed on your vehicle. The purchase of this listing does not guarantee one of our dealers can build you an exhaust for your car for £360 and this should not be interpreted as such.

Choose the style and finish of your own custom built exhaust, with the power and performance you would expect from Powerflow!

Topgear are extremely proud to be the parent company of Powerflow Exhausts, one of the Worlds most famous and highly regarded makers of Custom Exhaust! If we don't have already to fit your car, then why not commission a specially designed, expertly built and completely personal custom exhaust system from one of our Powerflow Exhaust Dealers? Our Dealers are experienced and trained in the latest welding, bending and construction techniques using the best equipment.

See an example of the Custom Exhaust Build process below:

Powerflow Exhaust systems are built with aircraft grade 304 stainless steel and built completely to the clients specification. Best of all, they are brilliantly affordable - comparable to the cost of buying and fitting a pre-built exhaust of similar quality, yet with the ability to completely customise the look, feel, power and sound of the exhaust.

Exhaust Specification

Year 2001