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Huth 1674 3.0" to 6.0" Portable Tube Expanding Machine



  • 5 HP Motor, single-phase (30 amp), or Three-phase (20-amp)
  • Runs on 220 volt, 50 Hz supply. 60 Hz and other voltages available.
  • The 3-1/2" cylinder produces 25,000 lbs. of expanding power. The 5" cylinder produces 49,000 lbs of expanding power.
  • Front swivel casters 
  • Features Huth's Accu-Sizer(tm) automatic, preset expanding system for quick, precise expanding each and every time
  • 15' power cord with male and female receptacles

Mounted on its own easy wheeling cart, Huth's Model 1674 portable expander equips you to use all existing Huth expanding tooling. Now with the powerful 5" cylinder you can expand tubing from 3" up to, and larger than 6" diameter, 3" deep. The large tray allows you to keep your tooling within easy reach. Just wheel the1674 to where the work is.

*Includes 41047 Accu - Sizer adjustable collar for the 3-1/2" cylinder, and the 527 adjustable collar with the 528 collar extension for the 5" cylinder.

Download Huth 1673/1674 User Manual

Finance available.

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