Aston Martin V12 Manifolds, with 200 Cell Sports Cats, Air Filters and ECU Remap


This kit consists of the following:

  • 6-2-1 Equal Length Exhaust Manifolds
  • 200 Cell High Flow Performance Sports Cats
  • 2x High Flow Performance Air Filters
  • TGT Flash - ECU Remap Tool, tune included in price as well as the tool
  • 4x O2 Sensor Harness Extensions

As a package, installation of these components should result in a performance gain of approximately 45BHP and 40.5ft/lbs in torque. Our stainless steel manifolds and 200 cell sports cats are produced from 304 grade stainless steel, resulting in a reduction in weight and significant improvement in gas flow compared to the standard, OEM parts.

We also include a free remap with our TGT Flash portable OBD programmer. Simply plug into the vehicle's OBD port, follow the on-screen prompts using the handheld, touchscreen device to download your car's original file. Upload this to our dedicated website, where our in-house file writers will modify to your requirements and resupply for you to upload to the vehicle.


Exhaust Specification

Make Aston Martin
Model V12
Year 2007-2015
Chassis Type Convertible,Coupe
Engine Size 5.9
Variant Vantage

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