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Kess V2 Slave 12 Months Subscription - Updates for a Single Protocol Group

Topgear Tuning Slave 12 Months Subscriptions. This listing will purchase 12 month's worth of Kess V2 Subscriptions/Updates for a single protocol group, such as Car/Bike or Truck. Technical Support from Alientech. K-Suite Software Updates Automatic receiving of new Slave protocols for a single package of protocols. You will also receive 1 x free tuning file for updating. Send us your Kess V2 Serial number with this so it can be updated. Topgear Tuning Slaves Only. If your Kess V2 Slave Tool's Expiry date was not today's date,Please email us for a quote to be sure not to miss any Protocols that were released within that time.

ECU Remapping

Associated Device Kess V2
Product Type Subscriptions