Browse our extensive range of accessories to find everything you could possibly need for your car, whether you're looking for replacement parts, cosmetic enhancements, or cleaning supplies that will make your car really shine. Here are some of the products Top Gear offer:

Dump valves

An essential piece of equipment for any turbo charged car, dump valves help the engine to release pressure and stop it from wearing out, while preventing compressor surge. We offer a range to suit many makes and models.

Universal spacer kits

Wheel spacers create space between the wheel and the hub to prevent tyres rubbing against the wheel, suspension or other areas. We stock universal spacer kits that are suitable to fit to all cars at 3, 5 and 10mm.

Locking wheel nuts

Locking wheel nuts are an essential security measure for any type of car, preventing wheel theft because they can only be removed using a unique tool. Top Gear stock our own, equally effective brand of TOPLOK locking wheel nuts.

Centre caps for wheels

Customise your wheels according to whatever design you want with our range of easily attachable centre caps.

Spigot rings

A car with alloy wheels without spigot rings can be extremely dangerous. As they are vital for enabling an alloy to remain centred on to a vehicle's hub, cars without them can be difficult to balance and will cause fittings to loosen. Make sure your car is as safe as it can be by purchasing spigot rings from Top Gear today.

Fitting kits

We also have a variety of other fitting kits, whether your car needs new brakes or you want to update its sound system. No matter what you're looking for, Top Gear are sure to have it!

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